FleetWest Load'N'Go Removable TSS Superstructure

The Load'N'Go TSS Slip-On Truck Body is ideal for these and other industries: Utility, Public Works, Contractors, Agricultural, Military, and many more. Installation requires no holes drilled. Increase your flexibility: Easy On, Easy Off.

When you need to get another work truck on the road, save time and valuable man hours by transferring the entire Load'N'Go system--tools, equipment, and other gear to another chassis. Or, for quick response in an emergency situation, keep a fully equipped unit in your shop, ready for quick mounting in your domestic, full-size pick-up.

The Load'N'Go has 60 cubic feet of storage, a 48.5" bed so it will handle full size plywood sheets, a universal clamping system for easy installation. The TSS is available with rear roll-up door or barn doors with a slide top. Other features include a heavy duty floor, T-handles, pneumatic door assist shocks, Expanded metal bulkhead, forklift tunnels for mounting and removal, adjustable shelves. There is also a long list of great, useful options including a set of 4-2000 lb capacity lifting jacks for removal when a forklift is not available, side compartment drawers, and many more.

For more information visit www.fleetwest.net or give them a call at 866-497-7200.

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