Maxilift Crane and Brutus Bodies Is Great Combination

Next time you need a service vehicle with a crane, perhaps try something a bit different and more compact. Shown above on the Brutus Bodies 9' 6" DL60X Service Deck body is the Maxilift 130 lightweight and compact crane. This crane has a rating of 2,530 lbs at 3' 9" and an incredible 660 lbs at maximum extension of 12' 6".

That is incredible for the compact size of this crane. The basic crane itself only weighs approximately 300 lbs and under 500 lbs with a base. The dimensions folded are 49" high, 27" wide and at the base is only 12". These high performance, light weight service cranes are engineered for a working life of 15 years and are manufactured by Next Hydraulics in Boretto, Italy.

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