Strattec Lock IS AWESOME!

Recently, Strattec sent me 3 locks to try, one for GM, Ford and Dodge. I have to tell you that this is one sweet lock. The lock "codes" itself. You just take your ignition key, put it into the lock, turn it and unlock the lock. Now the lock is "coded" to that key only. Try another key and it doesn't work. It is just that easy.

Whether you use padlocks on your vehicle or storage facility or around your home, now you can have all the lock keyed to the ignition key of your GM, Ford or Dodge. You have got to try one of these locks to believe it. They aren't cheap, but they are heavy duty and they are an excellent value in my opinion. Try one and I know you will want more.

Learn more at http://www.stratteclok.com/.

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