Field Mechanic's Body by Stiles Truck Body

I was visiting Stiles Truck Body's website a few days ago and saw this tasty body and I immediately wanted to order one for stock. There is something special about it that I find very interesting. One is that it is similar to what the west coast commonly calls a contractor body except it doesn't have a rack. Two, it is a lot like a low pro service body in that the top of the top box comes to the bottom of the rear window, including the tailgate, sans the wheel skirts. Three, is that it is like a combo body with the extended work platform on the rear. In addition, the base of it is a steel deck flatbed, so you have all that usefulness. I love the fact it is painted black. It just looks great on this truck.

I understand in talking with Scott Stiles of Stiles Truck Body & Equipment, that this model which they call a Field Mechanic's Body, though commonly built for a 60" CA is available for other cab to axle dimensions. The photos shown above is a 60" CA on a Ford Super Cab dually. He states that it is has proven to be a very popular body in the Central Valley region of California for farm mechanics and light construction mechanics.

Here are specs on this body:

  • 3/16" Stiles diamond plate deck
  • Knapheide top side and under body tool boxes
  • 1/4" plate drop work deck, 16" wide
  • Knapheide slam type 12" tail gate
  • Oxygen/Acetylene gas bottle storage drop well notched into the street side front
  • Bar & tool storage compartment incorporated into the deck
  • Chain box
  • Rigging holder
  • 100 gallon bulk storage tank

For more information, contact Scott Stiles at 209-667-2639. Please also check out their website and see some of the other great bodies at www.stilestruckbody.com.

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