Very Nice 14' ComboMaster by Harbor Truck Bodies

This truck will carry some stuff! It is a 14' ComboMaster Body with a raised front compartment, set up with bottle brackets and rings to accommodate gas bottles. In addition, it has a combination of Harbor's famous stainless steel open tops lids and closed top sections on both sides of the body! That is very unusual, but it allows for a variety of machines like compressors, generators and the like to be mounted on top and still have some open top space for some small parts and things.

In addition to the huge vise mounted on the work platform, notice all the night lights mounted on the rear of the cab and on the rack corners. Notice the forklift loadable HD rack design that extends the rack to the end of the body, but keeps the mounting points out of the work area. Sweet design! Of course, I cannot fail to mention one of my favorite things: Look at those drawers!

This is a standard 41" tall ComboMaster, but mounted on the GM4500, it looks like it is a low pro body. Looks great to me! This unit was built for Ranch Rock Products in Corona, CA. You can reach them at 951-280-2445.

Have Harbor Truck Bodies build you a great truck. Call them at 800-433-9452 and visit their website at www.htbi.net.

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