Thoughts On Business: Sales Opportunities #2


I love feedback. I respond to feedback. I improve from feedback. Very few give it, yet I am very thankful for every one who gives me feedback--pro or con. Either way, I learn and improve.

Got regular customers? Ask them how you are doing. See if you are fulfilling their needs; if you are guiding them well, choosing the best offerings for their operation. Most of your customers will say nothing unless you ask. Many who are not being satisfied for one reason or another will just cease doing business and you they most likely will not volunteer why. Perhaps they will give you excuses such as price, delivery times, etc.

Then again, here's another opportunity: how about increasing your business with a client. By finding out how you're doing and what their "real" needs are, you could increase your business with this client, which is a very smart reason to ask the question.

I think you should really appreciate people who volunteer how you're doing without you having to ask. This shows a very interested party and someone who is proactive in wanting to satisfy their needs and how you can assist in this. It is the rarest of all feedback in my experience. I am one who likes to give it because I like to see people succeed and from a personal point of view, I like to speed up progress by not waiting to see if things will change. Many appreciate my frankness, others perhaps not; nonetheless, it is effective for me and my clients.

There are comment areas all over this blog and my email is readily available (tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com), so I encourage you to give me feedback of what you like and don't like or what you think I could do to improve. Howmidoin? It's a great question to ask your clients.

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