14' Mobile Blood Lab Truck from American Cargo by Midway

This is an interesting unit from American Cargo by Midway in Elkhart, Indiana. It is a 14' Mobile Blood Lab truck built on a GMC 1-ton cutaway chassis that was built for the state of Maryland.

The body was constructed using 5/8" FRP with a walk-in side door and what looks like a window on the curbside near the rear. Actually, this is a window with a key lockable access door to a 27" flat screen LCD TV monitor with DVD player that is viewed from the outside of the body and is used for training purposes. The interior is sterile and has a stainless steel work table, counter top and seamless attendant seating.

Notice also that it has baseboard heating (yes, baseboard heating!), interior lighting and AC power access and includes a rooftop air conditioning unit run by AC power. The power is supplied by a 7,000 watt Cummins Onan gasoline generator that is mounted on the streetside front, suspended below the floor frame in an insulated compartment with hinged access door.

Add this great body to the list of interesting solutions for your customers! To see more of American Cargo by Midway, call them at 800-283-3993 and visit their website at www.mymidway.com. I also want to thank Royer Allman from American Cargo by Midway and Jack Gaskill for getting me some great photos and information to share with you.

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