Ute Bed - Versatile Aluminum Pick-up Truck Bed

The UTE's are here! When I was in Australia a few years back, I saw a lot of interesting trucks and most were very light duty trucks as these shown here. There has long been a movement to smaller and much more fuel efficient and cost effective trucks outside of the United States. We've always had such cheap fuel in the past, and even though it is still cheap here by comparison with other countries, we persist in larger and larger trucks.

Sure there is a need for larger trucks, but there is also a need for lighter trucks. Having seen them in Australia, England, Bermuda and other locations I've been to, it is clear that it will be coming in time to the US in more quantity.

When I first saw these trucks--especially the Ute style trucks--I thought they looked strange because I could see the rear framework which is hidden by a pickup bed. The thing I see now is what a job they can do for their size and weight which is awesome. Welcome Ute bed!

There is also some very interesting and kind of exciting accessories available for these beds. The Ute Top shown above is sort of like a camper shell with three big doors. The low load height and the accessibility is great along with keeping items out of the weather and direct sun. The one shown also has a rear drawer and you can add some nice underbed boxes as well.

We will show more of these in other posts very soon. In the meantime, go to the Ute Bed website at www.utebed.com and check out more photos and information.

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