Bodies On The Ground Can Be A Major Problem

Taking bodies and other pieces like the tuckaway liftgate shown above off of trucks to sell the chassis can be a huge problem or a solution. It just depends on how it is done and why and when it gets back on a truck. I've seen a lot of this kind of thing and what happens some of the time is that the body cost is credited to the chassis at full price when there will be future labor costs to remount it and even more important, in refurbishing it to make it ready for a new truck.

The body cost should be reduced accordingly so that the a false gross profit is not recorded and an increased inventory value given. How long it sits on the ground is another factor. The longer it sits, the more reconditioning will be needed, and the easier it is to forget about it.

It can also be a solution. One of the best things about commercial trucks I think is that the bodies are removable. Now, I would rather not move them around, but if it makes sense and the need is there, I will do it without any further hesitation. I prefer to swap one with another so it doesn't land on the ground, but if it must be on the ground for a time, so be it. Just keep track, make sure the value is proper and plan to get it off the ground as soon as possible.

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