Fisher Expandable Length Snowplow!

The Expandable Length Snowplow!

Here is a very unique product: The XLS from Fisher Engineering. The XLS offers a wide variety of blade configurations and positions not offered by either a straight blade or a V-blade.

The blade can be operated as an 8 foot straight blade or extended up to 10 feet as required for the job at hand. It can also operate with both wings scooped, or positioned for windrowing with one wing scooped. All of these positions are shown in the diagram below:

The scoop position is a big advantage as it will carry more snow forward, as a bucket loader would. When windrowing, the leading edge blade wing can be directed ahead and the trailing wing can be retracted to minimize snow trailings.

As with all Fisher trip edge design, only the edge trips when encountering an obstacle, the blade remains upright, keeping the snow ahead of the blade, not under the truck!

Fisher Engineering has been building great snowplows since 1948 and they offer a complete line of snowplows and ice control products for your needs. Check out their website at www.fisherplows.com.

Here is a link to find the dealer nearest you:
Fisher Distributors.

Guest article by Steve Taylor.
Steve is a consultant in the Truck Equipment business with over 30 years in the snowplow and truck body manufacturing business. He specializes in the design and quality/reliability field and may be reached by email at steve@truckarchitect.com.
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