Interesting Custom Racks From North Bay Truck Body

I've known Bob Dias at North Bay Truck Body for a long time and I've seen a lot of his racks. We also built his website and I was looking at some of the photos of his rack projects and these two caught my eye, so I asked him about them. These are his responses:

"It is a North Bay Truck Body special. 2"x2" square tube construction, spaced for galvanized E-track for vending machines. Tie off capable in the front as well as the sides. We provided a third brake light cutout and an angle front return to help keep the bed intact."

"It is a North Bay Truck Body special, 2"x2" square tube construction, two extra vertical legs per side with #9 flattened expanded metal cover to the inside. Four points of cutout for the RS-1 Rack Straps. Swinging rear bar and has an angle front return for strength and a weld point for the expanded metal. It also has a 48" cab over rack. Six 1/2" rope hooks."

Bob Dias builds all kinds of custom racks, custom flatbeds and other products. Call Bob at 707-864-2700. I can tell you this straight up: they don't get any better than Bob. Visit his website with over 1,000 photos at www.nbtb.com.

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