Half Contractor, Half Flatbed by Harbor Truck Bodies

Here's an interesting flatbed that is half contractor body and half flatbed. Put upper body boxes on it and it's a contractor body, leave them off like this one, and it's a loaded flatbed.
This unit has a tapered headboard, HD tapered forklift loadable rack, underbed boxes front and rear, class IV receiver and plug, and a little twist on the standard contractor style gates. This one has what we might call "tapered gates," in that the rear gates are lower than the front ones. Not only does this look great, I'm sure it is entirely functional as well.
Thanks to Kimberly Bellamy at Harbor for sending these shots and sharing this job with us. Much appreciated. You can reach Kimberly at 800-433-9452 and visit Harbor Truck Bodies website at www.htbi.net.

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