How To Turn Around A Lethargic Company

"Your organization will never get better unless you are willing
to admit that there is something wrong with it."

-- Norman Schwarzkoph

"Your organization will never get better unless you are willing
to focus on and constantly expand on what's right about it!"

-- Terry Minion

Sorry Norman, I know you mean well and you have far more education than I; however, I have to disagree completely with this quote. Frankly, it is a piece of cake to admit there are things wrong with a company, or a person, or a situation, or life, or the world, or whatever. It takes no brains at all to do that. Line 10 employees up and ask them what is wrong and you will get a serious earful. If they feel free to talk, that is. And if they do, look out! Here comes the judge. . .

What is really needed to move a company forward (or a person, situation, life, the world, or whatever), is focusing on what is right and constantly expanding on that. Who cares what is wrong? Focus on what you do well and expand on that.

I tell you this from long experience: naysayers are a dime a dozen. You can find them anywhere anytime and any quantity. And, I'll tell you this from experience: they don't do anything to help anything. They are anchors and sinkers and balloon poppers. My best advice is to move quickly away.

Here's a great question to ask all the employees: What are we doing well? Then, some follow-up questions, like, How can we do more of that? How can we expand that? What do you hear our customers say that is good about us? Can we give better service? How? How can we give such great service that our customers will rave about us? How can we lower prices and still provide more value? How can our company be a better participant in the community? How can our company have employees to rave about working here?

What's even better than this is to ask your customers and prospects: What is your experience like with us? What do you like about what we do? What do you think we could add to make it better? For you to tell all your friends about this company, what would we need to be doing to have you that excited about doing business with us?

Focus on successes not failures. Leave the failures for history to sort out. Get the enthusiasm rolling and the excitement arcing and the fun laughing. Turn it on and watch it glow. It just needs a spark and some insight and ideas. Let's rock it out!


Let's Get Started!

I Focus On What I Am Good At And Get Better.

Spread Some Joy Today--There is almost nothing better than giving someone else some encouragement. Find something to encourage someone else and don't keep it to yourself--TELL THEM--NOW! To their face is okay. . .

(excerpted from CTS Daily Inspirations Blog: http://ctsdailyinspirations.blogspot.com/)

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