Royal Truck Bodies Open Top Innovation Rocks!

This is a photo of an open top lid on an 8' Royal service body manufactured by Royal Truck Body of Paramount, CA, owned by a client. Most service body manufacturers use metal dividers as a way to help customers keep small parts, nuts and bolts in their proper place. This innovation is so much better!

Royal uses some heavy duty plastic containers that also have dividers and now they include a handle so it is a breeze to lift it up and out of the top section. Then it can be taken into the job site, or just get it closer to pick out the perfect pieces, then put it back. It couldn't be easier. It is a brilliant idea and I applaud Royal's thinking that got that job done. Bravo Royal!

You can contact Royal Truck Body at 800-834-7692 and visit their website at www.royaltruckbody.com. You can also find them on Facebook. Type Royal Truck Body in the search field after sign-in.

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