Australian Isuzu Factory CNG In Several Models

Isuzu Truck in Australia offers 4 different models from 4,500kg to 14,000kg to handle a wide range of needs. As an example on the low end model, NLR 200 AMT, this system uses advanced technology with a Multipoint injected CNG engine, Idle stop fuel saving system, and meets the ADR80/03 emissions. The engine in this model develops 96kW (129 HP) and 353Nm (260 lb. ft.) of torque. It also has a 5-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and independent coil spring front suspension.

The fuel system has 2 steel CNG tanks with 150L liquid capacity each. Electrical system is 24 volt with 2-80D26L (630 CCA) batteries. Of course, it comes standard with a number of appointments such as air conditioning, electric windows, electric mirrors, cnetral locking system with remote keyless entry and driver side airbag. Options include Satellite navigation system that integrates with multimedia unit and includes NAVTEQ mapping, up to three audio/visual reversing cameras that integrate with the multimedia unit, bulbar, and more.

All this is protected with a 3 year/100,000 km warranty with extended warranties available up to 6 years/300,000 km. Check out more on the NLR CNG model and other CNG models at www.isuzu.com.au.

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used digger derricks said...

What is the utility of this funny looking truck?Good photo posted here anyway,there are so many varied utilities in the factories.