Monroe MTE Zee SST Stainless Steel Dump Body

This is the new MTE ZEE SST Series Stainless Steel Dump Body from Monroe Truck Equipment, headquartered in Monroe, Wisconsin. Here are some of the specs on this great body:

  • 12 gauge sides, 10 gauge ends, high-strength stainless steel construction for durability, long life and corrosion resistance.
  • HD front bulkhead, tapered cab protector & tapered laser cut window for rear view when backing up.
  • Integral dirt shedding top rails & tailgate
  • FMVSS108 lights & reflectors with weather resistant wiring harness.
  • Rubber rear flaps and ICC bumper included in package.
  • Powdercoated single acting hoist & body up maintenance prop rod.
  • Electric powered dydraulic power unit with push button controls for simple and dependable operation.
  • 5 year limited warrant - Best in the industry.
There are a few options available such as, vertical side bracing, tarp hooks, back up alarm, double acting hoist, powdercoat red, white or black paint with custom color availability, or a wet spray finish.

See more of the dump bodies and other great products at http://www.monroetruck.com/, or call them at 800-356-8134.

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