Isuzu Low Loader Perfect For Planet

Planet Towing of Glenroy in Melbourne’s northern suburbs is a specialist towing company that has been using an Isuzu FSD 700 Long since the beginning of 2009.

"We've been using the Isuzu FSD for just over one year," Planet Towing owner Vince Brullo said. "It's been very reliable, no problems at all.

"What makes this FSD so special among his fleet of six trucks is that it is used for picking up and transporting speciality vehicles – usually high-end motor cars worth a great deal of money.

Planet Towing has contracts with insurance companies for the transportation of vehicles. The FSD was purchased because it is equipped with Hendrickson Airbag suspension and so not only provides a stable ride for the load but it is able to pick up very low slung cars.

The airbag suspension features height sensors which detect the truck’s angle and compensate to keep the cargo bed level, but the main asset for Planet Towing is that air can be dumped from the system so the bed can be dropped low.

"We wanted something with a lower approach angle so that we could load cars that didn’t have much ground clearance, like special high performance vehicles that are low to the ground," Mr Brullo said.

Planet Towing's FSD 700 has a long wheelbase which combined with the airbag suspension allows the tray to be dropped down very low. Its longer length means that in most cases there is no need to use ramps to get the vehicle onto the truck.

"About 90 per cent of the time we don’t have to use ramps, even with sports cars, which just makes my life a lot easier," Mr Brullo – the primary driver of the Isuzu – said.

"I drive the truck every day and I’m looking at buying another. It’s a great truck and it’s much more driver-friendly than the other makes I’ve got on my fleet," he said.

"When the Isuzu FSD isn’t picking up a Maserati or Ferrari, it does double or even triple duty."

"You can fit two small cars on the back of that truck, and with a cradle I can move three cars at a time which saves me time and money," Mr Brullo said.

Planet Towing does not do accident pick-ups but concentrates on offering vehicle transport services, particularly to the insurance industry.

To see more Isuzu solutions, visit www.isuzu.com.au.

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