Chris Frye Has A Knock Out LTZ Service Body!

This sweet ride was sent to me along with the photos as such: "2010 Chevy LTZ Single wheel 3500 Body built by Diamond truck body. Front bins are Dually bins to maximize tool storage The others bins are 16 inch deep, 20 inch tailgate, linex coating. Ladder rack powder coated metallic blue. Install done by Superior Truck and Body north bay Santa Rosa. Note the cool LED side markers on the Bumper and push locks. Owner Chris Frye Santa Rosa CA."

This truck is unique in many ways to me. It is rare for me to catch a Diamond Truck Body, and this one is excellent. Notice the oversize tailgate which helps it look a bit more like a pickup. The off-color rack is a special touch. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like a metallic blue rack on a black truck. It is interesting to say the least.

I absolutely love the staggered size compartments. Frankly, I've never thought of doing that, nor can I recall seeing that done in all the years I've been around bodies. Oh, I've seen them in different heights, and I've seen plenty of transverse compartments, but the deeper compartments up front really adds to what can be done with the lids and what can be carried in there. Extremely interesting approach. The lids are independent and that is interesting all by itself.

The spray liner in the bed and on the bumper is helpful and durable. I like the horizontal compartments on the streetside with the horizontal compartment going all the way to the end of the body with a smaller square compartment underneath. There are so many tools and things where this compartment makes life simple.

So Chris has got a knock out truck, loaded with all the creature comforts the LTZ package gives, along with a great body and a unique approach that will service his needs very well, I'm sure. In addition, Chris has injected just a bit of style, a splash of color--not enough to disrupt--but, just enough to make a statement.

Nice job! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!

(North Bay Superior Truck Body is located at 1047 Maxwell Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Phone number is 707-535-0474. Diamond Truck Body link provided above.)

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