TriVan Truck Body - Mobile Command Center - Well Done!

Text from YouTube post: "This is a Mobile Command Center for King County Sheriff's Department that was built at TriVan Truck Body in Ferndale, WA. TriVan builds Specialty Vehicles of all sorts, including Mobile Command Centers, SWAT Trucks, Bomb Squad Vehicles, Hazmat Trucks, etc. Each vehicle is custom designed and built at our 40,000 foot facility. All bodies are built out of an extruded aluminum panel that is .100" thick, and features an integrated rib every 12". This affords great flexibility in design and application. We've sent our vehicles around the world, and if you're considering building a Specialty Vehicle, please contact us!"

I've been looking around YouTube for some good commercial truck videos. There aren't very many compared to how many there are with people falling down, or being arrested, or just acting the fool. Seems to me like it would be a really good thing to have a lot of these.

Anyway. . . I found this one and some 20 videos put up by TriVan Truck Body. (Here's a link to their YouTube site: www.youtube.com/user/cason234. I especially loved this one on a sweet rig built last year for King County Sheriff's Department in Washington. I love the truck sure enough and loved the specialty features too, but what I liked most was the wonderful, detailed narration presenting all of the features of this great body in a nice, calm, yet enthusiastic way. There seemed to be just a bit of pride for the job well done by the company. I loved how he pointed out each feature and explained some in great detail such as the electrical control system.

This video is one of several on this same truck, and I've watched the others too and they are good as well. This one stood out and I have high praise for getting these done, showing off their great work, and getting out there. Check out their website too: www.trivan.net.

Thanks TriVan! Keep sharing.

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