Isuzu Giga Crane Trucks Have Rad Appeal

Carting large loads of steel may look like heavy work, but with the right equipment the job is made easier – such is the case for ETA Transport who recently took delivery of two new Isuzu EXD 455 Premium models to help with an expanded workload.

ETA Transport specialises in all types of crane work, and uses the two new Isuzu crane trucks to deliver heavy products for customers including well-known steel manufacturers, Stratco and Metroll.

Established in 2005, the company has since grown to employ 12 staff and is enjoying the benefits of Australia’s sustained residential and commercial building activity.

According to company owner, Rad Ivanic, the Gigas were selected because Isuzu’s reliability is second to none.

"When purchasing a new vehicle I look for a truck that is reliable and won’t break down, we can’t afford to keep our customers waiting," Mr Ivanic said.

"Isuzu trucks are very reliable in service and maintenance. We also previously used an earlier model Giga 425 EXY which proved very reliable and still have a light duty NPR 200 Tradepack for small jobs."

Features of the Giga EXD 455 trucks such as the twelve speed constant mesh Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) and the electronically controlled airbag suspension are useful for carting heavy loads.

"The 455 horsepower engines in the Isuzu Giga EXDs offer plenty of power to cart steel and other heavy products," Mr Ivanic said.

ETA Transport makes one particular modification to the bodies of their trucks – the addition of a crane mounted behind the cabin.

"All of our trucks have cranes. We use them to ensure there is no damage to the product when we are unloading to our customers; this is particularly important when there is no machinery at the delivery site to assist," Mr Ivanic said.

As well as coping with the heavy loads, the trucks on the ETA Transport fleet also cover significant ground – up to 150,000 kilometres per year.

"We usually deliver to our customers’ private addresses, so our trucks operate in all conditions, from highway driving right through to rough secondary roads. Isuzu trucks offer a comfortable ride even for our interstate deliveries thanks to the Isri driver’s seat and other cabin appointments," Mr Ivanic said.

Mr Ivanic purchased his new Giga from Patterson Cheney Trucks, located in Dandenong, and was impressed with what they had to offer.

"As a customer whose business relies largely on its fleet, I hold customer service and servicing in great importance. The staff at Patterson Cheney Trucks are extremely helpful and the 24 hour service centre is very convenient and it means less downtime for our business."

Given the demanding nature of the work and the kilometres travelled, Mr Ivanic has opted to take out 750,000 kilometer extended warranties on the new trucks for additional peace of mind.

With business booming, Mr Ivanic plans to add further Isuzu models to the ETA Transport fleet in the near future.

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