Industrial Piping Drives One Sweet Ford Truck!

This morning I pulled into a service station for fuel and right in front of me was this bad boy F450. Easily one of the nicest looking trucks I've seen, so I just had to ask if I could take some shots. Ben Neves, Supervisor and long time employee of Industrial Piping of Modesto, CA was very kind and gave me a few minutes to appreciate his truck.

The truck is a Ford F450 Super Cab 60" CA, loaded with leather and all the comforts of home (or maybe more than the comforts of home. . .) and dressed in Alcoa wheels and maroon paint. The body is made by Scelzi Enterprises of Fresno, CA and is a 10' Combo Body with raised front compartments, and the one on the streetside is exposed from the back to see the welder against the bulkhead sideways. It also sports a compact Autocrane crane.

I especially liked the mix of color and aluminum and stainless steel. The rack appears to be polished aluminum--at least, that's what it looked like to me. I asked Ben to allow us to see some compartments since many of our readers love to see how others put stuff in compartments. He understood immediately.

What an awesome truck and I thank Ben and Industrial Piping for their kindness and the opportunity to share a bit of this truck. You can reach Industrial Piping at 209-988-1817.

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