Isuzu FRR 500 - Jack Of All Trades

A fleet of six new medium duty Isuzu FRR 500 trucks is helping to ensure clear drains, crack-free footpaths and healthy trees remain a charming feature of the historic City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council Fleet Manager, Jim Bower, has confirmed that the three FRR 500 chipper trucks, two FRR 500 concrete tray trucks and an FRR 500 tipper with crane are now in action and hard at work throughout the city.

The three chipper trucks have been fitted out with a canopy body to catch the remains of tree limbs, which are shredded by Council’s parks and gardens staff.

Jim says the FRR 500 tipper with crane tows a three-ton vacuum unit and is primarily used in drainage maintenance across the city.

"The crane is powered by the truck’s PTO and is used to lift drain lids in the stormwater network so sumps can be cleared of leaf matter and debris that wash down and cause blockages," Jim said.

According to Jim, the long, flat trays fitted to the FRR 500 concrete trucks make it easier for Council maintenance staff to perform their tasks. In turn, this improves occupational health and safety outcomes.

"The ‘concreters’ are being used for roadside curb and footpath repairs and the implementation of pram-access ramps, " Jim said.

"We do up to 200 of these ramps each year, improving the footpath environment, developing residential and commercial areas, and making repairs to existing infrastructure."

All six of the bodies fitted to the Council’s new Isuzus were fabricated by North East Isuzu in Burton, about 20 kilometres north of Port Adelaide.

Jim said the dealership was tasked with specifying the trucks to include a range of storage and functional options.

"North East Isuzu were 100 per cent – we’ve never had an issue with them," Jim said. "Their attitude has been ‘if the customer has a request, we’ll accommodate it."

The rigorous procurement process in local government means a number of factors come into play when making purchasing decisions.

According to Jim, price is just one factor considered in this process, with other variables including serviceability, fuel efficiency and emissions, occupational health and safety, commonality within the fleet and an operator assessment. The latter can often be the most telling.

"When the operator does an assessment it’s usually about creature comfort and the Isuzu cabins are very well appointed," Jim said.

From the heated exterior mirrors to the quality Isri 6860 seat, driver airbag, car-like handling and optional multi information display unit with satellite navigation, the Isuzu FRR 500s remain at the forefront of cabin refinement in the Australian truck market.

The versatile FRR 500s also pack plenty of power with154 kW at 2,600 rpm and 637 Nm of torque between 1,600 and 2,600 rpm.

To see more trucks from Isuzu Australia, go to www.isuzu.com.au

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