Hino To Launch Automatic Trans Hybrid

Hino is poised to launch an automatic transmission version of its proven Hino Hybrid 300 Series diesel-electric truck.

Hino was the first manufacturer to offer a hybrid truck in Australia.

The new 300 Series model will be Australia’s first automatic hybrid truck.

The company is already conducting trials of medium-duty hybrid trucks – putting them to the test against Australia’s often demanding climate and road conditions.

Compared to a similar diesel truck, Hino’s Hybrid 300 Series delivers a significant reduction in fuel consumption and achieves reduced carbon monoxide emissions, as well as reductions in particulate matter and nitrogen oxide.

It is particularly suited to stop-start urban applications, such as city delivery operations. Blue chip companies, smaller family businesses and government bodies including local councils are equally now moving towards more environmentally sustainable transport solutions and are turning to hybrids to reduce their carbon footprint.

The new Hino Hybrid 714 Auto’s intelligent six-speed transmission has specially tailored control software to optimise electric assist during initial acceleration and maximise energy recovery through regenerative braking.

Key to the hybrid truck’s efficiency compared with a conventional diesel truck is its unique ability to use regenerative braking to capture the vehicle’s kinetic energy when decelerating and store that energy as electricity for later use powering the vehicle.

A conventional truck wastes that kinetic energy as heat through the service brakes. The hybrid truck therefore saves on brake life as well as fuel and emissions.

In addition, Hino Hybrid has an engine-stop feature, so the diesel engine stops when the vehicle is stationary.

The new automatic transmission truck offers significant fuel savings compared with an equivalent diesel automatic truck.

It uses the power from a 100kW diesel engine and 36kW electric motor, according to driving conditions, to optimise fuel use and minimise emissions.

The transmission is Hino’s proven A860E unit, for optimum reliability.

However, new “fuzzy logic” control software means the transmission mimics a manual transmission during both acceleration and deceleration.

During initial acceleration, revised up-shift points make better use of the electric motor’s torque.

During deceleration, torque converter lock-up is maintained and the transmission initiates down-shifts sooner – to boost the regenerative braking effect and hence capture more kinetic energy.

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