Daimler Trucks presents itself at the 32nd International Supply Chain Conference

  •     32nd International Supply Chain Conference from October 28 to 30, 2015 in Berlin
  •     Opening speech by Dr Wolfgang Bernhard: "Connectivity and CO2 are major challenges – industry and politics must tackle them hand in hand"
  •     Daimler FleetBoard represented with Stand B/13
  •     Mercedes-Benz CharterWay represented with Stand P/25
At the 32nd International Supply Chain Conference of the German Logistics Association (BVL) in Berlin from October 28 to 30, 2015 Daimler AG will be presenting itself with a speech by Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses, and information stands on Daimler FleetBoard and Mercedes-Benz CharterWay. The 2015 International Supply Chain Conference has as its motto "A World in Motion" and is offering interested visitors and experts from the sector the opportunity to exchange news and views and hear interested specialist lectures. This year, according to the BVL more than 3000 participants and around 200 exhibitors and sponsors are expected.

Dr Wolfgang Bernhard: "Connectivity and CO2 are major challenges – industry and politics must tackle them hand in hand"

Following the opening of the event by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner, Chairman of the Board of the German Logistics Association, Dr Wolfgang Bernhard will make the first speech of the day. In keeping with the conference's motto, "A World in Motion", he will talk about the topics of Connectivity and CO2, which are currently making great waves in the logistics world. "Both subjects are major challenges – industry and politics must tackle them hand in hand", commented Dr Bernhard.

Where connectivity is concerned, he says that the truck's connection to the cloud is opening up totally new business opportunities – for all involved in logistics: for manufacturers, freight forwarders, workshops and also authorities. "The truck is a data gold mine and real-time data are crucial for business in logistics" says Dr Bernhard.

He believes that where the matter of CO2 is concerned, road transport is facing highly ambitious targets. By 2030 the EU is striving to cut CO2 output by 30 percent compared with 2005 levels. A 40 percent reduction is even under discussion for Germany. Against this background Dr Bernhard says that new ways of looking for solutions are called for: "An integrated approach in which we optimise the entire truck transportation system is necessary – i.e. as well as the tractor unit for example also the semitrailer, the tyres, the fuel and the operation." This is the only way it would be possible to achieve further significant reductions in CO2 emissions in an affordable way.

Comprehensive telematics solutions: Daimler FleetBoard at Stand B/13

Interested visitors can go to Stand B/13 to find out about the comprehensive telematics solutions from Daimler FleetBoard, one of Europe's market leaders in offering telematics-based internet services for trucks, transport and buses. FleetBoard provides extensive data on the driver, fleet and order, and networks the enterprise's logistics system via its modular services, in order to facilitate maximum efficiency and minimum operating costs in driver, vehicle and transport management through optimised vehicle capacity utilisation, lower fuel consumption and higher vehicle availability. With the new DispoPilot.guide, the mobile driver tablet, FleetBoard is displaying a modern, effective implement for order management with the services Messaging or Logistics in the cab. With the DispoPilot.app subcontractors can also be easily integrated into the logistics system and the Driver.app offers drivers important information for their job such as their driving style and their driving times, yet at the same time also offers leisure applications such as fitness exercises and their own FleetBoard community.

Extensive rental offering, service contracts and the LogisticsPartnerProgram: CharterWay on Stand P/25
CharterWay is on Stand P/25, where, alongside the large rental offering of vans and trucks with the star and the comprehensive service contracts, it will be putting the spotlight on the LogisticsPartnerProgram.

The model developed in 2003 is aimed at large logistics companies and their logistics partners and offers tailor-made solutions for their fleet. Together with CharterWay the logistician determines the vehicle models which are placed at the disposal of their transport partners and agrees the conditions according to which the vehicles can be taken on. The product has been set up to be modular for the target group, allowing all customers to put together their own ranges to suit their specific requirements. As the client, the logistician thus ensures mobility and the smooth processing of orders. The paintwork and lettering already determined beforehand in the company's design supports corporate identity and ensures a uniform look for the fleet including the logistics partner. Purchasing, financing, leasing, ServiceLeasing, long-term rental agreements that can be terminated ahead of plan and ordinary long-term rental agreements can all be considered. There is a special variant for start-up companies or for when companies first start working together: a pool rental agreement with a flexible termination clause. Within the framework of this agreement, a transport company can take delivery of a vehicle with a fixed configuration, even if they have a low degree of creditworthiness - and a notice period of only eight weeks can be agreed on the contract. This model minimises risks and charges. Today major logistics specialists such as Dachser, DB Schenker, DHL, DSV, Emons, Geis, Honold, Kühne & Nagel and Zufall are already placing their trust in the LogisticsPartnerProgramme.

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