Commercial Truck Training Ultimate Bootcamp Scheduled

Just announced from Ken Taylor and Will Brogan and CommercialTruckTraining.com:

Ultimate Boot Camp
June 1-3, 2016
Jacksonville, Florida

The Ultimate Boot Camp, having to be delayed because of an amazingly loaded travel schedule this spring, is BACK!

We'll be holding it at our usual location, the Homewood Suites by Hilton at the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida, but the dates will be a bit unusual. For the first time ever, we'll start an Ultimate Boot Camp on a Wednesday and ending on a Friday. 

The official start is Wednesday, June 1st, at 8 am, and the event will conclude at 12 noon on Friday, June 3rd, which should still allow you enough time to fly home for the best of the weekend.

We've had three spots pre-reserved already, and will only take a maximum of ten. Additionally, we'll DISCOUNT THE PRICE $300 this entire week,from the regular $1995 to just $1695. In other words, don't wait to reserve your spot, as it may be gone shortly!

What will we cover in an Ultimate Boot Camp? See below! While every single one is different - thanks to a diversity among attendees - a few happenings have become so commonplace that you could consider them "traditions" now! See below for more!

Will and I have cherished the opportunity to help so many dealers - now exceeding seventy five attendees as we start into our fourth year of Ultimate Boot Camps - and we are excited to keep helping those who want to get better. It doesn't matter if you're brand new or have been in this business for decades, we're confident that we can assist your sales efforts!

Thank you so much - I hope to see you in Jacksonville in a few weeks! 

Ken Taylor

Here is an outline of what we'll cover at this event:

1. PLANNING: I have created a planning document that we use in all of our commercial accounts. It is so easy to get caught up in the trash that fills your plate every day. Having a plan designed around the specifics of the commercial business is not a luxury, it is a necessity. I will give you detailed tips all along the way to guide you through this process!

2. PROSPECTING: It all starts with prospecting targets! Listen closely... cold calling does not work!! It is an excuse to not be prepared and allows you to be unorganized. If someone tells you they do better cold calling, I would like to follow them for a day and count the number of decision makers they see! It won't be many! Here, we'll provide the best place to start with prospecting for new sales consultants, whether new to commercial or new to automotive altogether!

3. WRITING SCRIPTS: Scripts are a key in getting consistent and successful results. So many people we work with are opposed to scripts. They believe that it sounds contrived or insincere. Do you ever go to the movies? Have you ever laughed, cried, or cheered? Why? The actors seemed real, but in reality it was all scripted! Trust me, scripts will sell your trucks! 

4. THE MODERN SALES CALL: In retail automotive sales it is about "now". If the consumer visits the dealership and leaves, the chance of a sale diminishes as time goes by. The opposite is true in commercial sales - the chance of a sale increases as we continue to develop a relationship, so anything that could potentially interfere with the relationship process is detrimental to the sale, including asking for the business too soon. We'll lay out all you need to let the prospect do all the selling!

5. PERSONALITY STYLE SELLING: An often overlooked component of selling is adapting your selling style to the personality of the person with whom you are speaking, whether on the phone or face-to-face. People are so varied, and how you sell (or allow them to buy) versus another can make or break the relationship development and the sales process. You'll receive a personality style selling card that will give you some details regarding how you can adapt and win!

6. FOLLOW UP: So many sales professionals fall down at this point. They do a good job of getting appointments but do not have a good follow up plan. In this section, you'll learn how to not only get to maintain your great customers by follow up, but you can also get hundreds of referrals that are highly likely to buy from you!

7. MARKETING: Marketing in commercial sales is very different (in most respects) than retail automotive. Retail is a much more "macro" approach with mass media, internet exposure, and to a degree, social media. Commercial and fleet vehicle marketing is very different, with the emphasis being on specific targets with very specific needs. A marketing campaign can be vehicle specific or even industry specific. 

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