DRW Ford Transit Cab-Chassis with Harbor Service Body and Rack - Plenty of Storage, Great Visibility and Easy Access!

Harbor Service Body is 10 foot Plus 4 inches 
Length Inside Cargo Area

This Ford Transit Cab-Chassis has an 80 inch Cab to Axle dimension. It allows for a
longer body and provides for a lower bed-to-ground height.

The view of the Harbor Body from the rear shows the low access into the cargo area. This allows for easier loading and unloading of materials and equipment. The extra long ladder rack access is also lower than it would be on a standard chassis cab body.

Note the Great Visibility the wide rear window provides. The low profile of the Harbor Body allows a wide, virtually unobstructed rear view over the tailgate and side boxes.

The compartment depth on this Dual Rear Wheel body is 19 inches, the Single Rear Wheel version would be 15" deep. The DRW version floor width is 50", plenty of room to slide in that 4 foot wide plywood!

The body is standard height (about 40") and sits lower because of the chassis design.

This body has the  Master Lock System, a Non-Forklift Rack, Standard One-Hand Latch, Self-Opening Stainless Steel Lids with Two Gas Shocks. Lighter and stronger and rust free! (Aluminum Treadbrite overlay is available as an option). Matching Stainless Steel Gravel Guards are standard. (Closed top models are standard steel and offer Aluminum Treadbrite as an option). 

Find out more about Harbor Truck Bodies at: www.htbi.net

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