A Better Solution For The Typical Service Body?

Why should we let the First Response, Fire & Rescue have all the really cool and useful bodies?
I think that this particular body is a perfect service body to be well used by almost any service industry from mechanics to electricians to emergency road service.

I look at these pictures and I ignore the emergency red lights, yet I delight in the rest of it. Recently I wrote of the aluminum shutter doors on van bodies and other units and how valuable they are compared to typical, more common doors. On these First Response vehicles, the shutter door is very common and demonstrates its usefulness very nicely.

The top photo shows so nicely the fully open compartments with great, easily moveable shelving. I love the finish on the inside, the smart lighting, and especially the larger than normal compartments for maximum size storage of the important cargo each carries in service bodies. Notice also how the shutter doors roll up inside at the top of the compartment, giving up-close access. No more doors in the way to reach around or over. Notice them also closed and secure and they may be painted body color or left as aluminum finish.

Notice at the rear, the very nice and deep bumper and the great rear compartment that is fully accessed with a bedslider to make it extremely functional for even taller items. Another thing I love about this body is that it is approximately cab height, so causes no wind resistance, and looks great on the chassis. It is available for single rear and dual rear units as desired.

The unit shown was manufactured by Warner Bodies of Noblesville, Indiana. Warner Bodies was founded in 1939. You can see more examples of this kind of body at www.warnerbodies.com. You may call them at 317-773-2100.

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