SRW Cutaway Van Body with Aluminum Wheels

I saw this truck the other day and just had to take some shots of it. I have seen a great number of cutaway van bodies, but so very few with nice aluminum wheels on it. And, what a difference they make in the way the truck looks. In this case, the wheels are pretty dirty, especially the front with brake dust, but they still make the truck look better than it would be without them.

This is also such a great unit because it is a single rear wheel van body made with FRP panels, and it has a Tommy Liftgate as well. Even though this unit is low to the ground, when you have heavy things to load, a liftgate is the way. This unit is owned by O'Connell Jetting Systems of Benicia, CA. They specialize in pressure washing systems. You can call them at 800-320-4848 and please check out their website at www.oconnelljettingsystems.com.

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