When A Van Is More Than An Empty Box

These are van bodies that have been changed from an empty box to a nice workshop with equipment and ideas installed by Cascade Truck Body in Eugene, Oregon.

I love the top photo with the real work bench and electric outlets ready to use. I can only imagine they have an electric generator in an underbody box outside operating when needed. What a sweet setup!

I also love they way they have added what looks like indoor/outdoor carpeting. That changes the atmosphere immediately. Then, I love the way they have mounted the drawer assemblies on open pedestals to get them up where they are more useful and at the same time creating some storage space underneath. That's win-win for sure. See also on a couple shots, the translucent roof which brightens up the inside during the day.

There are so many van bodies out there on the road, and now, you might think of some of them being much more useful in other ways than just taking product from one place to another. Check out the other fine solutions at www.cascadetruckbody.com, or call them in Eugene, Oregon at 541-3742-5317.

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