When I Hear Someone Say "Sale-Proof," I Get Excited!!

This is a rare combination--at least on dealer's lots. It is a "low pro" service body with a cargo bed enclosure. In this case it is a 3-piece cargo bed enclosure, which when opened, opens up two thirds of the bed area. It is a "low pro" because the top of the lids is approximately at the bottom of the rear window compared to the standard height body where the lids are at about the middle of the rear window. It is rare to find the low pro and the cargo bed enclosure. Matter of fact, I would probably hit 200 truck dealers and not find one.

I sold two of these once, or at least this is how they ended up. So the manager called me and told me they were "sale-proof" and he was unhappy about receiving them. I said I would find a way to take care of it, but before I could do that, someone came in and bought both of them. So, when people tell me sale-proof, I get excited because time and time again, when I have heard that, it was a very short time before they were sold. Everything is saleable.

And. . . I think this low pro and cargo bed enclosure is a great unit! I think it is more than saleable, and an excellent choice for stock. Of course, that would only be for the bold. . .

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