Cab Chassis Frame vs Box Off Pickup Frame

In these photos it is easy to see the difference in frames comparing the pickup with the bed removed and a true cab chassis. The pickup box delete truck is exactly that: a pickup built without the pickup bed so a different body can be installed. The major manufacturers certify these as "box off" trucks and for all intents and purposes call them chassis cabs.

The true cab chassis has a straight rail frame of the same height and a standardized width of 34" because it is designed specifically to have aftermarket bodies of every different kind installed. This makes mounting bodies more uniform and it makes it easy to swap one from a Ford to a Chevy to a Dodge to an Isuzu to a Hino to a International and they are all so similar in dimensions and basic design for the body application.

The pickup frame is somewhat wider generally and is not usually flat. This makes it more challenging in various body applications and especially in swapping them from one manufacturer to the next. They are generally also limited to 56" CA and so typically take only an 8' bed or body whereas the chassis cab comes in various cab-to-axle dimensions to accommodate a wide variety of bodies.

This is too basic for many of you, but when I ran across these photos, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to show these two frame styles.

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