Knapheide TSR and Raised TSR from Carter Industries

This is the Knapheide 8' Service Body with the Telescopic Sliding Roof (TSR) in the standard height (bottom photo) and the 10" raised height (top 3 photos). The raised unit comes with barn style rear doors for more stability and security and includes a 2-piece sliding top opening about half of the bed area.

This is a great unit to keep in stock. Some customers want to be able to carry larger items and keep them out of sight and out of the weather. Of course, you would think that in the winter time, but these sell all year round. Out of sight, out of mind, you know. You might also consider a bed slider to make getting the cargo in and out of the bed much easier. Your customer will love it.

These photos are courtesy of Carter Industries in Union City, CA who is a large distributor of Knapheide products. You can contact them at 800-310-6390, or visit their constantly improving website at www.carterind.com. Tell them the Blog sent you! By the way, they are great people to deal with!

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