More Highway Products Custom Creations!

My first glance at this wonderful unit and I'm sold. Look at all the great storage spaces in this lightweight aluminum body. Just slightly taller than the cab of the truck, this gives a bit more space inside the body.

The front compartment is full transverse compartment since you can see all the way through. Very nice for long objects. The connecting wheel skirt really makes the body look great on the chassis. I would add some gas shocks to the doors, but it is nice that the middle doors open all the way.

Just think of all the things that can go inside the body. A nice RollerCoaster bedslide would be a great addition in there! No climbing in and out, just roll it out.

Now, the compartment I like the best is the top compartment. You could park a Cadillac in there! It's huge! There are always those things that just don't fit in the regular spaces. It could also be for lightweight supplies that are used all the time, or parts that are commonly used in the field, etc. Great space!

This is another awesome project from the Creative Ones at Highway Products! Check out their website at www.highwayproducts.com.

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Brad Miller said...

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