A Safeway.com Delivery Truck in the Hood

I captured this Safeway.com delivery truck cruising through my neighborhood and had to get a shot of it. Why? Because it is different and special.

I don't have the specs in front of me, but I can see that though this is a single rear wheel Ford cutaway chassis, it looks like a 50/50 application in that it is about a 12' long bed. Normally, this size chassis might have a 10' unit on it. I can see that they aren't carrying pallets of food, so not an issue about load and more an issue of space for light loads. I can also see that it is a relatively light weight composite design with a low roof, so it all works well together.

The rear doors are barn style doors rather than roll up doors. Again, rare in van-land. What is the coolest thing to me is the aluminum slat roll-up shutter door on the curbside with the long and useful step. Awesome. Makes me want to order one of these for stock on the lot. Just think how useful that would be for florists, parts delivery and just about any other retail type deliveries. Then, you have the single rear wheel cutaway chassis with a great turning radius and nice compact overall size, yet with this great sized body with all these awesome features. It's a home run. No wonder Safeway.com ordered so many of these and it is a testament that I see them all around.

Of course, in this case the refrigeration unit helps everything keep its cool on its way to a home near you. And, I am sure it is available without refrigeration for those other delivery needs.

This unit and many, many others were built by Supreme Corporation for Safeway.com. Looks like a great partnership!

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