Basic Needs Marketing Concept

If I owned a gas station on a highway in the USA, I wouldn't worry much about the price competitiveness of the fuel. I would get a big, nice looking sign that can be easily seen from the highway and I would advertise clean restrooms.

Gas stations are notorious for having less thought about their restrooms than anything on the property--especially, it seems to me, the ones on the major highways or on thoroughfares. This is one of the simplest things to change. Hire a person to keep the restrooms clean constantly.

By advertising the clean restrooms, that will take people's thoughts from the fuel cost and onto more important things: Do I really want to sit in there?

There's a really great, simple advertising campaign that will last a long, long time. Just keep the restrooms clean, let people know they are, you're done! Couldn't be simpler.

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