The Little Things Aren't Little, Part 2

There just isn't anything as frustrating on the lot as having a prospect ready for a demonstration ride and the battery is dead. Now you have to go get a jumper battery and this is assuming you can keep the prospect interested enough to wait through this process of getting it going. It is unnecessary for the most part.

Start the vehicles twice a week and let them run for a few minutes. This will solve most of the problems with dead batteries. You also want to make sure they are running good and start smoothly. I know this sounds so basic, but it is very surprising the number of dealers who are not doing this--especially on commercial trucks. It seems the commercial trucks don't get the care the rest of the vehicles get, but that should not be. Get the help you need to make sure you have every opportunity to sell the trucks.

Other little things are making sure the tire pressure looks good. This can easily be done well enough by just a visual inspection. A low tire is a problem on the demo drive.

The little things aren't little when the prospect is standing there while you run and get the jumper box. Then they are huge.

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