The Truth On Business Failure: I Quit.

A thought struck me today that I know to be true. Prior to the businesses I have now, I had three businesses, two spaced very close together and the other a few years later. All three were dissolved. All three were poorly planned, but all three got started. The first one I started right at the beginning of the 1980 recession, yet it wasn't the recession that closed the business. I quit. I have always told people that I got held up at gunpoint and lost my drive. Although that is true, it was not the real reason. The real reason is that I quit. I'm finally stating it that way.

The next business took the place of the first one and lasted about a year and a half or so. It wasn't the business, the customers or lack of them or any other external thing. I quit. I have always told people that the guy who got me into it taught me all the wrong ways of doing it, but that is just putting icing on a rock. The real reason is that I quit. Gave up.

So, I went back to work at a job and previous career and about three years later started another business. This time I did it part time and kept my full time job. Cash was poorly flowing, all partners had major personal issues. But, it wasn't any of the problems, it was that I threw in the towel. I quit. I didn't want to do it anymore, so I took my marbles (or what was left of them) and went home. Over. Done with. Not one of these businesses lasted two years.

I rationalized the business ventures. I didn't analyze them, I rationalized them. I put my focus back on my career and what I might do to grow it and ended up growing it dramatically. I took risks and stepped out boldly where I had not before. I tried new things and accepted challenges. It was successful and profitable.

The thought that struck me today was like I hadn't thought of it that way before: It was a revelation. I quit. That's what it was that dissolved all three. Yes, it could have been easier, and yes, I could have worked harder, though I felt that I worked hard. I just changed my mind and quit. I now realize the truth and admit it openly.

You've probably heard that statement that 95% of the business start ups do not last 5 years or very close to those numbers. It is a staggering thought. So, I wonder how many were like me? How many didn't understand the challenges and after a few struggles, went home? We were just buying ourselves a low paying job and then thought it wasn't going so well, so we quit and went back to the employer who actually has a bank account with money in it--back to a paycheck.

So, logically then, if I don't quit this time, I must succeed. Now there's a thought! I'll be willing to carve the trail through the forest if need be and face issues I didn't know would come up. Well, I'm planning on them this time. I'm looking forward to the new experiences. I'm focused as never before. That is a world of difference. I'm not quitting. It isn't even an option this time. I will succeed. I am succeeding.

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