Making Sales Meetings Fun & Interesting

I have tried so many different things in a sales meeting to make them interesting and fun and also a learning experience. Here is one of my favorites:

We had a team of about 10 sales people plus a couple managers. I was thinking of how we can help each other build our confidence and perform better and that came down to how we talk to and treat one another. So, I devised a plan to have some fun and to try to demonstrate how we can help each other throughout the day.

We had a small amusement venue near the dealership that had miniature golf, batting cages and other entertainments. So I called them up and told them what I was doing and that I wanted to come down first thing in the morning on the sales meeting day and I wanted to use the batting cages for an hour or less and could they do that without having to put all the coins in the machines. They were intrigued and were able to do this, so I took a check for $125 down there to pay for our time.

On sales meeting day, I announced that we were doing something different and we have two vans outside to take them to an offsite location. We arrived at the amusement center and I had them gather for instructions. They were to have one person in the batting cage and two outside for each team. While the person inside is trying to hit the ball, the two on the outside were to spend a few minutes jeering the hitter, calling names, telling them they can't hit, being a jerk. Then I would call time and they would turn into encouragers and shout praise and uplifting words and phrases, give encouragement, tell them how good they are, do everything they can to build them up. All the while through this, they were to take a mental note of how the batter performed. Then I would call time and they would all rotate until everyone had a session at bat and everyone had a session as a crowd member (I won't say fan because they weren't always a fan. . .) The batter was to remember how they felt when the crowd was jeering and when they were praising and to notice everything they could about the feelings and the effect on performance.

When it was completed, we turned the machines off and had our sales meeting right there. We discussed thoroughly how every person felt in each situation, as a batter, as a fan, as a heckler and all of their observations about that. Then I took an overview of all of that and related it to how we talk to each other throughout the day and how we can help each other or we can hurt each other in very simple ways and how important it is to uplift each other as much as humanly possible.

Everyone had a great time and it was a very good lesson and a fun and interesting meeting. Meetings don't have to be boring. They can be a lot of fun. I am sure that no one has forgotten that meeting. Try some unique methods, locations, teaching. Have some fun!

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