Great Interview of Dr John F DeMartini

A little over a year ago, I read The Secret and watched the DVD. Dr John F DeMartinti was one of the featured people on it. A few months ago, I bought one of his books, and have now read many of his books. I have enjoyed and learned much from his teachings.

Recently, I ran across this lengthy interview of Dr John F DeMartini on a show called Life On Maui and host is Steven Freid. At first I was not impressed with Steven Freid as an interviewer, but I have grown comfortable with his style. He asks good questions, but most important, he lets the person being interviewed answer them fully without interruptions.

This interview is in 5 segments and I really enjoyed it, and so I share it with you here in hopes that you will derive benefit as well. It is lengthy enough to be its own seminar. Enjoy!

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