Top 30 Once A Month

A previous owner that I worked for had learned a great way to stay in touch with important clients. The plan was to create a list of the top 30 customers and to contact one of them each day. In this way you would talk to all 30 of your top customers once a month. They wouldn't have a chance to forget you, or you them.

Now if you only work weekdays, that would average 22 days, so you can double up a few days or reduce your customer contacts to your top 22. The key is doing it and staying consistent with it.

You can call them on the phone, write them a letter, drop them a postcard, mail them an article, send them a gift, send an email. There are so many ways to stay in touch. The most personal is to make the phone call. I recommend to mix it up, so that there are many ways you contact them throughout the year. Just think--after a year, you would have contacted each one at least 12 times. Prior to this plan, the number of contacts of the top 30 customers might have been very small in comparison.

This plan makes even more sense in today's market! Give it a shot.

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