If You Wait Until, It Likely Will Not

If you wait until you are ready to do a thing, it is likely that you will not get around to it. Trying to line everything up prior to beginning is not a good strategy. I do recommend thinking it through as much as you can, but setting a deadline on the thinking part, so you can start the doing part. Besides, ignorance is bliss sometimes.

Four years ago I started a little eBay business. It was not my intention to begin with. I was just selling a few of my mother's collectibles. That worked so well, I thought about selling other things and since I love books and have always had a large library, I started selling some books. Within two months, we called it a business and began building it like one. Looking back now from this vantage point with over 13,000 things on the Internet and a warehouse and expenses and all, if I would have known what the work involved was, I don't think it would have ever gotten started. My ignorance and enthusiasm coaxed me along and I just kept going and going and going. First I had a goal of listing 10 items, then 50, then 100, then 500, 1000, 5000 and so on. That's a big challenge for one person part time. Still, it got done and here it is four years old and more than 17,000 items have been sold and delivered.

As I look back there are many things that I probably would not have started that became valuable if I didn't get going before I knew what I was doing. The knowledge will catch up and the doors will open as I go. You could call it moving in faith if you like, but moving is the key word. Waiting until things are ready will likely cause failure to start. Plus, once you're going, there is a tendency to keep moving. That's a bonus feature. Believe you can even when you don't know how is a great strategy. Movement will be the faith in your task. Believe you can, then start moving as soon as possible. The answers will come and the rewards will be yours. You can do it.

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