Beautiful Dominator I - Hate To Get It Dirty!

This is a beautiful Dominator I Crane Body from IMT (Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc). This great red crane body was shown off at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Chicago where it received a good deal of attention. It's no wonder. Matter of fact, Dodge had an awesome display and did such a great job of choosing nice looking, yet hard working trucks.

This Dominator I Crane Body is rated for up to a 38,000 ft-lb crane and this truck shown has that crane mounted on the body. It is rated at 7,500 lbs next to the body. Just to give you an idea of the body strength, the body materials are such: The sidepacks are constructed of 10-gauge and 12-gauge galvanneal steel. The floor structure is constructed of 12-gauge galvanneal and 1/8" deckplate steel. The workbench is constructed of galvanneal and cold-rolled steel. There's no doubt these heavier materials weigh more. The typcial 11' service body weighs around 1600 lbs, where the Dominator 11' weighs in around 3300 lbs.

IMT builds the Dominator series up to 80,000 ft-lbs strong as in the Dominator IV. Check out all the detailed specs and check out their cranes and other products as well. They have a very informative website at www.imt.com.

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