Electrorides Announces All-Electric Walk-In Van


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, APRIL 27, 2009 ...ELECTRORIDES, INC., a developer and producer of commercial electric vehicles for public and private fleet operators, announced today that it is developing an all-electric walk-in van based on a Freightliner Custom Chassis Company MT45. The vehicle will be equipped with a Morgan-Olson lightweight aluminum composite body and will be powered by a PowerPhase® 150 electric propulsion system from UQM Technologies, Inc. (NYSE Amex: UQM). Common uses for walk-in vans include parcel post delivery, aircraft maintenance, utility service, and delivery of dry freight, bakery, linen and other products. The vehicle under development will be used for evaluation and for demonstrations to state and local governments who are expected to continue to issue mandates on emissions that will require companies to increasingly “go green” in future vehicle purchases.

The all-electric walk-in van will complement Electroride’s ZeroTruck™, an all-electric zero emission medium duty truck also powered by a UQM® PowerPhase® electric propulsion system. The ZeroTruck™, was the first electric truck in its class to be offered for sale in the United States in 2008. The ZeroTruck™ offers a low cab forward design, a fully automated transmission, up to 100-mile range with full highway capability, lithium polymer batteries, an onboard battery charger and regenerative braking.

Electrorides is a Southern California based company producing commercial electric vehicles for public and private fleets. Its first vehicle, the ZeroTruck is a zero-emissions medium duty electric truck introduced at the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles National Conference in Las Vegas in May 2008. Now available at select Isuzu dealerships nationwide. Electrorides electric drive integration system converts class (3-5) trucks to run on electric power with a highway speed of 55 mph, and up to 100 miles per battery charge using lithium polymer battery technology. This range is ideal for the medium-duty market, as most usage for delivery, maintenance, and construction vehicles is less than 100 miles/day. Electrorides has brought together partnerships and created a unique product and efficient manufacturing and distribution plan to be a leader in commercial electric drive trucks built in the US by American workers.

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