Carter Industries Mobile Installation Truck

This is the slick Mobile Installation Truck owned by Carter Industries in Union City, CA. It is a hard working truck that has a list of great features than many contractors could use. I'll tell you what I noticed.

  • Nice large Tommy Gate Aluminum Railgate. A great piece for work and security. Notice how the installer backs up to a cargo van to install a bin package and use the liftgate as a bridge to make it a smoother transition from the truck to the job.
  • Maybe more important than just the railgate is the great advertising on the liftgate. I've always thought that these made excellent billboards and so few bother, but look at the photo--it makes a huge difference!
  • Carter designed their own crane. Look how it is designed so that you hardly even notice it is there and then it swings out. They used a Ramsey winch that they sell to finish it off. I think it is a brilliant design and perfect for their needs.
  • Notice the ample underbed boxes and each has a use.
  • Notice the center underbed box houses a main tool for the installations: An Air-n-Arc Contractor Series compressor and generator. Since they use air tools mainly for installations, this works very well.
  • Notice where the air outlet is mounted with hose for attaching air tools.
  • Notice the billboard on all three sides of this great truck.
  • Hey, it's one of my favorite truck colors: RED! Good choice.
  • Carter has a fleet of these trucks doing installations all over Northern California.

All in all this is a great truck and can haul a heavy load so that it can leave the shop in the early morning and work all day on installations without returning for parts. www.carterind.com

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