Metallic Paint Service Body for Sierra Pool & Spa

More color! More color! Not just red! Yeah! Most are aware of my commercial truck color fetish and today's post is an awesome one. Only the bold go to metallic paint on commercial trucks. This light blue metallic is a beauty and Harbor Truck Bodies has done a fine job with it. Considering that it is virtually impossible to match the paint exactly between the body and the cab due to different metal, thickness, shape, ideal and non-ideal paint conditions, and more, yet--Harbor has matched this as close as anyone (even me!) could expect. It looks wonderful.

This unit was built for Sierra Pool & Spa serving Southern California. They serve an extremely large geographical area! I'm guessing they love driving this beauty around and it shows a lot about their company: classy and successful! That's a good thing.

Thanks to Kimberly at Harbor for sending me so many shots of great bodies.

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