Need Bucket Trucks? Check Out I-80 Equipment!


I-80 Equipment Company provides fully reconditioned, used bucket trucks at used-equipment prices for the data, forestry and electrical industries. We also offer like-new digger derrick trucks, forestry trucks, grapple trucks and boom trucks. Our extensive online listings include prices, color photos and detailed descriptions to help you focus and speed up your search.

I-80 Equipment carries several name brands including: Altec, Hi-Ranger, Lift-All, Terex, Versalift, Duralift, MTI, Aerial Lift of Connecticut and Prentice.

Be sure to search through our online web page of used bucket trucks and digger trucks for sale, as well as various accessories like augers, auger straps, winch ropes, buckets, bucket liners and more!

I love this site. There is more video on this site than any I've seen. Great job. Massive selection of great trucks. Check out their great website at www.i80equipment.com

Serving the Tree Care, Sign and Light, Electric Utility and Telecommunications Industries and many other related industries for over 17 years.


Anonymous said...

Nowadays many people are using different kinds of trucks like bucket trucks to help them finish their job or work faster.

digger derricks said...

They have fantastic quality trucks and there are so many deals in their site.If you are buying one not checking the sight would make you a real loser.