Douglass 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Bodies. Sweet!

Douglass Truck Bodies makes a great 5th Wheel/Gooseneck Body! Of course, they build a great number of awesome bodies and have since 1958.

I've seen a lot of trailering bodies and most are very short on storage space and we all know that storage space is part of the American dream. So, Douglass has designed in a huge amount of storage as shown by the photos above--and take a look at that awesome compartment in the center of the bed at the front of the body. Just think of all the things you could put in there. It also is a great looking body. Just image your 5th wheel or gooseneck hooked up. Sweet!

Every Douglass Truck Body features:

  • A60 Galvannealed Steel
  • double-panel doors
  • double-seal weatherstripping
  • stainless-steel hardware, paddle operated slam latches
  • double bit stainless steel locks
  • gas strut supports
  • ¾” split-tube reinforced wheel wells
  • a high-visibility LED tail-light package
  • PPG Del-Fleet Essential high solid polyurethane primer and paint.

I also have to say that, in my opinion on having looked at so many body company websites that Douglass Truck Bodies has an excellent site and you will see plenty of photos of some of the most interesting bodies anywhere. Check it out at www.douglasstruckbodies.com.

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