Hackney & Same Day Service Plumbing = Match

The photo at the top of this post is of Carwin H Brice II, the President/CEO of Same Day Service Plumbing. We featured Carwin's brand new trucks on February 12th in this blog. We ran across him at a service station in the summer of 2008 (Previous post). So, we called him up to see if we could do a piece on how his trucks are looking now and how they are working out for him. He made the investment and we wanted to see if it was paying off. It is.

Carwin just loves the Hackney Plumbing Bodies that he took a lot of time researching and planning for to replace his aging cutaway body fleet. Since Same Day Service works a large geographical area (Woodland, Davis, Dixon, Winters, Vallejo, Benicia, Vacaville, Fairfield, West Sacramento and all parts in between!), he wanted bodies that could carry the equipment and supplies needed for a whole day's work without returning for supplies. He worked with engineers at Hackney to get the right options to make this body do the best job for Same Day Service. He said it was a gruelling task, but he is extremely pleased that he took the time and energy.

You can see by the interior that there is storage for water heaters and much more along with ladders inside on top of the shelf system. Then there is the awesome shelves themselves. Each fitted with a HD plastic drawer and the shelf has a stop on it keep the drawer in its place while travelling. You have to lift up the drawer to pull it out. Of course, the drawer as shown has no sliders, so you can remove it, restock it and replace it or take it inside to the job site. Very functional and good size as well.

Look also at the ramp that we built into the unit. It is a ramp just like those used on van bodies and it tucks away nicely in a small compartment with a separate door. When needed, it is just the thing to load the truck or offload heavier items and save the backs of the technicians.

The body is all aluminum including the interior shelving system, so the body is lightweight, yet extremely durable. Carwin says he will wear out the truck long before the body. For this body he is using two different chassis: the Ford F450 84" CA and the Dodge 4500 84" CA. It seems pretty obvious that he is partial to the Dodge and gives it extremely high ratings for fuel economy, power, performance and stability. They tow trailers with these units from time to time and he says you don't even notice the trailer with the Dodge and the Dodge has a jake brake which is a real brake saver. He's always been a Ford guy, but is really paying attention to the Dodge and its attributes.

The Hackney body is nicely designed inside and out. Look at the smooth exterior and how the lettering just flows. It looks elegant even. It appears from our conversation with Carwin and the added work that is getting done more efficiently, that this Hackney Body is a match for Same Day Service Plumbing. We appreciate Carwin and his team taking the time to let us come to his facility and take these shots and learn more about his great company. Check out their effective website at www.samedayserviceplumbing.com.

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