Love It. . . Or Lead It!

Love It. . . Or Lead It!

I hear people complain about the way things are or the way they are being done. If you don’t like the way things are, become a leader and change it!

Some of the complaints have been about truck clubs and how they are run, yet when it comes time to volunteer for leadership of the club, the voices fall silent. Few are willing to make the commitment to accept the leadership role. With many clubs, it is really easy to become the club president: you just have to volunteer! Once accepted, you can lead change effectively.

Sometimes I hear, “that’s not my job,” or “I don’t get paid for that,” and “that’s too much work.” I know this for a fact: there are a lot of things leaders do that they don’t get paid for, yet they lead because it is a great part of who they are. They provide value. They inspire and create. Leaders demonstrate vision and communicate that vision in all they do. Leaders accept responsibility enthusiastically. Leaders are builders.

As a leader, there is a cost, and it’s not about exchanging time for money or keeping track of time and expenses, rather it is providing maximum value in fulfilling the vision. That is certainly a commitment of time and energy, yet it is more like a labor of love. When you do things because you want to, it makes all the difference.

Of course, this applies to every position and situation. I see some fleet & commercial people who do very little and others who lead and accomplish so much. The ones who do little are waiting for things to come to them, while the leaders are taking charge and making it happen. The one doing little is afraid to ask the dealer for $50 to attend the truck club dinner meeting, while the leader does it regardless and expects approval because he knows the value the club provides and transmits that clearly to the dealer.

Don’t Ask . . . Tell

I have a “don’t ask. . . tell” policy. I rarely ask permission for anything, instead, I tell what I am doing or have done. Most seem to appreciate the fact that you take ownership and are getting things done. Besides, it’s a great time saver for them since I have already made the decision and have begun or completed the actions. They really just want to make sure things are getting done and that we’re keeping all the balls in the air.

Develop the leader within

Accept leadership responsibilities by weighing the benefits to you and others thinking of value and growth. You will be more than you were and you will increase in value as you expand your role. Just think of the things you can change!

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