Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Could Cause Seriousness!

Danger! Danger! Could Cause Serious Injury or Death! Read these instructions prior to assembly.

Please check the box, "I have read and understand the implications of my ignoring of the hazardous situation that I am involved in when I operate machinery, especially machinery that I have not had any experience with and that in the event of probably misfortune of serious injury or death, no one who made this equipment or the signs or the distributor or the installer or the lot boy or anyone else that was not you. Heretofore I accept all responsibility for my own actions and inaction's and thought of actions or inaction's of any attempts to operate this machinery that nameless parties manufactured without my knowledge or expertise. I agree to hold the parties who are purported to be the manufacturers and all their associated parties such as distributors and dealers and upfitters and mechanics and all other personnel that may have been involved in this production blameless and faultless of anything and everything that ever was or ever will be as a result of my use of this thing."

Really. This is an entirely too serious world. Like someone would actually read all these signs. Like it makes a difference. Very funny stuff.

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